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From these pages you will find up-to-date information, activities and ideas for all seasons, welcome!

In the Capital of Lakeland,  Kuopio city center, besides traditional urban walks and culture, you can enjoy wonderful nature experiences. Lakes and waterways are important elements for both summer and winter activities. In the summer you can enjoy lake cruises, canoeing, stand up paddleboarding, swimming and lakeside events.  In winter time, the lake freezes and  ice skating tracks, ski trails and walking paths are available on the ice. You can also ride on the  ice with a kicksled or snowmobile. In addition to outdoor activities, it’s worth to enjoy the city culture and events. Museums, art exhibitions, live concerts and a wide range of events invite you to the new experiences!

Tahko holiday resort with its magnificent ski slopes is just under an hour’s drive from the center of Kuopio. Tahko offers fun activities all year round. In addition to downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing, the activity alternatives include mountain biking, snowmobiling, golf, SUP boarding, kayaking, horseback riding, fishing and much more. Colorful events, top performers, famed after-ski life and children’s programs make Tahko a holiday paradise – in all seasons and for the whole family!

The nearby areas, as Leppävirta, Iisalmi, Siilinjärvi, Juankoski and Rautavaara, offer even more things to do and see. Your own holiday paradise may  be found somewhat outside the center, so you should definitely check out these destinations as well. The whole Northern Savo and Finnish Lakeland area are full of the most beautiful nature sites. Visitor’s favorites are Orinoro and Pisa hiking areas as well as the national parks of Tiilikkajärvi and Etelä-Konnevesi.

Day-trips or multiday hikes, picnic trips to campfire, mushroom and berry picking – and many other free nature attractions are available for everyone. If you don’t want to go wild without a guide, there are also several companies that offer guided nature trips. Welcome to the memorable experiences!