Things to do

Winter or summer, old or young, peaceful or adventurous – visitors will never get bored in Kuopio-Tahko.

Things to do in Kuopio, Tahko and Savo

There is always something to do in the Capital of Lakeland. Whether you prefer vibrant city living, peaceful nature, or adventurous sports, visitors of all ages will never get bored here.

The region is called the Capital of Lakeland for a reason, and summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the surrounding pristine water. Try the favorites of swimming, boating, and fishing, or add a new experience and attempt canoeing, lake cruises, SUP boarding, diving, water skiing, or jet skiing.

Although the water may be the gem of Kuopio-Tahko, the non-water related activities will also take your breath away. These include hiking, orienteering, horseback riding, mountain biking, playing golf, and berry and mushroom picking. Local national parks Tiilikkajärvi and Etelä-Konnevesi are always popular for those who love nature.

In the winter, a different type of magic comes alive. When the lakes freeze over you can skate, ski, or walk on the frozen surface and stare into the snow-covered distance as far as the eye can see. For the adventure junkies out there, choose a snowmobile or kicksled or hit Tahko’s famous slopes for alpine skiing and snowboarding, and, of course, some after-ski fun.

Museums, art exhibitions, concerts, theatre plays, and other live events happen all year round and delicious restaurants and a lively nightlife both add extra spice to your holiday.

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