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The gastronomic gem of Finnish Lakeland

Northern Savo is a paradise for gastronomy lovers. The Capital of Lakeland does not abandon the hungry and the thirsty. The city and it’s surroundings are full of restaurants, cafés and stalls, which offer meals to snack, for lunch, for dinner, for supper – and just for fun! There are several top quality restaurants, cozy meeting places, street food-type eateries – and, of course, nice pubs and nightclubs – offering both  foods and drinks made from local natural products as well as international flavors.

Local food is seasonal. It favors the best raw materials and different seasons. In addition to gorgeous á la carte’s there are many terrace restaurants, food stalls and lakeland cruise ships open in summer time and and especially at the Tahko tourist center, you can enjoy for example fish soup for lunch at the top of the slopes in the middle of  winter.

There are several smaller and bigger food producers in the region. The area is also one of the largest milk producers in Finland. Iisalmi in north of Kuopio is an old and well-known brewery city and several small breweries have been established in Savo region in recent years. Kuopio also has one of the strongest and most famous distilleries in Finland.

The regions best natural products include lake fish, forest berries and mushrooms and wild herbs. Savo region is known for its delicacies such as a baked fish pie with a rye dough-crust, which is called “kalakukko” – fish cock – in Finnish. Variates are stuffed with pork, rutabaga or potato and dessert version with blueberries or lingonberries. Traditional Savonian foods is on offer for an instance in Kuopio Kauppahalli – market hall.

Thanks to the strength of its gastronomic culture and its regional actors, the Kuopio region has received the European Region of Gastronomy recognition for the year 2020.


Check at least these restaurants!

Puijo Peak

Saana of Kuopio

HURMAava Bar - Restaurant - Lounge Kuopion keskustassa.


Restaurant Ehta

Frans & Sophie bistro Kuopiossa

Frans & Sophie

Amarillo Kuopio

Rosso Kuopio

Ravintola Grillson Kuopio

Restaurant Grillsson

Restaurant Tori

Restaurant Bord

mosquito tahko

Restaurant Mosquito

Restaurant Riemu

rehti ravintola tahko

Restaurant Rehti

Golden Resort

piazza tahko

Nightclub Piazza

tahko hotellin pizzeria

Pizza Breikki

Restaurant Hillside

Hesburger Tahko

Restaurant Pehku

Pizzeria Onni

panorama bar tahko

Panorama Bar & Café

Rosso Iisalmi

hotelli ravintola sininen helmi kiuruvesi

Holiday Resort Blue Pearl

Spa Hotel Kunnonpaikka

o'nelly´s iisalmi

O’Nelly’s Irish Bar