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Events in Kuopio

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Kuopio is well-known for its dance festivals, gastronomy events and international sport events including the annual Finland Ice Marathon in February. Indeed, something fun is happening here every day and events are held constantly throughout the year.

The biggest annual summer events in Kuopio are the Kuopio Dance Festival in June, Kuopio Wine Festival at the beginning of July and Kuopiorock at the end of July or early August.

Kuopio Dance Festival is one of Scandinavia’s oldest and most important dance events with an extensive array of performances including dances from the top names in Finland and abroad as well as many dance classes, workshops and free events for the public.

Kuopio Wine Festival is perfect for those among us who love good wines, food and music. It’s held in Kuopio passenger port against the beautiful lake scenery. Is there anything more divine than a crisp wine and a delightful backdrop?

If you want to really let loose, Kuopio region’s biggest rock festival, Kuopiorock, is a music festival that welcomes Finnish and international artists and is gaining popularity every year.

In Kuopio there are also many events for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Every year, the Kuopio Marathon and Triathlon and the winter ice skating championships are held in the stunning natural surroundings.

There are also several food events in the city, including street food events, international food markets, fish markets, harvest markets and annual SATOA Kuopio Food Festival.

Events in Tahko and surrounding areas

Tahko Tourism Center, located at the top of Tahko’s ski slopes, is home to many events throughout the year from sports to music and everything in between.

Extreme Run, full-distance IRONMAN Finland Kuopio-Tahko, various races on the slopes, Tahko MTB, golf competitions and Tahko midsummer festival – Tahko Juhannus – mean you can have a memorable holiday no matter the time of year you visit.

Autumn season´s most popular events are Tahko Oktoberfest and cross-country race, Tahko Vuorijuoksu.

In Finnish Lakeland, the local creativity and customs mean you’ll be able to attend events that are truly unique to this region. Favourites in nearby areas are annual events like the International Wifecarrying World Championships in Sonkajärvi, Oluset-festival in the brewery city of Iisalmi and the Ice Sculpture World Championships in Leppävirta.

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Finland Ice Marathon 2024



Kuopio Dance Festival

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Watercross Tahko

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