Unforgettable taste sensations, good food and natural ingredients.

Kuopio, Tahko and Lakeland restaurants

The Finnish Lakeland and its capital, Kuopio, is well-known known among tourists who love unforgettable taste sensations, good food and natural ingredients. Menu’s vary by season and fresh fish, game and other tastes of the forest, as locally grown berries, vegetables and herbs are always available.  Among the restaurants there are terraces, boat restaurants, cellars, ethnic tastes, international fusion kitchens, street food, Rôtisseurs-plate kitchens, relaxed pubs – and much more.

The atmosphere is colored by the variety of inter-restaurant visits and other food events featuring local flavors as well as natural, pure and high quality raw materials. The most popular food events annually are SATOA Food Festival in August, Kuopio Wine Festival in the beginning of July and Kalaryssäys – fish market festival – at the end of summer. Food events are held throughout the summer, both in central Kuopio and elsewhere in the provinces.

Tahko tourist center also has many interesting food restaurants, not only traditional  restaurants, but also many rustic restaurants throughout the year as well as in summertime golf clubs’ restaurants. Gastronomic flavors are offered in a number of á la carte restaurants, so for example, in Kuopio, travelers should definitely take advantage of both the Kuopio and Tahko’s personal restaurants – a distance of just under an hour’s drive and the same trip can be combined with other nice things to do.

Just let your curiosity guide you and find your favorite á la carte restaurants, lunch spots, summer restaurants, fast food places,  pizzerias, ethnic restaurants, rustic restaurants, festivals and other special places to visit in Capital of Lakeland! If you wish just to relax without moving too much and enjoy the silence or socialize with your friends  in your accommodation, in Tahko, high quality food can also be ordered directly from the catering companies to the cottage – or to other accommodation – and in Kuopio the Wolt service delivers many local restaurants food to anywhere near city center.

European Region of Gastronomy 2020

The Kuopio region, as a first region in Finland, has been awarded the European Region of Gastronomy title starting in 2020. The programme starts in June 2020 and continues until the end of September 2021. The celebration of this recognition will be build around existing festivals and events, ERG menus in restaurants and pop up restaurants in unusual location.