Entertainment over night

Lively terraces, cozy pubs, stylish bars, karaoke, dance restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment arenas, wine cellars, laugh-filled stand-ups, and live music from across the street. Along with versatile entertainment, you can enjoy high-quality cocktails, specialty beers and wines, and occasional snacks. Kuopio and Tahko night has life throughout the year.

In the center of Kuopio and Tahko, it’s easy to jump from one night-club to other as distances are short. Almost everything is in walking distance and  the nearby entertainment venues can be reached easily by taxi or bus. In Kuopio, you can find many night restaurants alongside Kauppakatu and nearest roads as well in the passenger harbor in the summer.  Light summer nights make it possible to sit outside on the terrace during the night. A little more intimate atmosphere both in winter and summer are offered by pubs and nightclubs. Live music can be heard for example at the Wanha Satama in passenger harbor in the summer season and throughout the year at Spa Hotel Rauhalahti restaurant, which focuses on the best pieces of dances and the various thematic event weekends. Within ten kilometers of the center of Kuopio there are three magnificent dancing restaurants.

The heart of Tahko’s nightlife is the largest nightclub in Eastern Finland, Restaurant Piazza, which offers entertainment all year round with top performances and party bands. During skiing season, after ski restaurants are full of joyful people. It is also worthwhile to visit Leppävirta, where Vesileppis Arena organizes several concerts and events every month. Especially during the summer there are several events and festivals in the Kuopio area, with interesting gigs and much to experience.

Nightclubs, bars, pubs and entertainment arena in Kuopio, Tahko and Savo