Experience a holiday to remember in Finland’s most active tourist center.


Tahko is an active ski resort and a year-round holiday destination in the middle of Finland. World-class ski slopes, soothing lakes situated in pure natural surroundings, diverse facilities, colorful events and a joyous atmosphere will charm families, friends and business travelers alike. The central location means you’ll spend more time enjoying yourself than worrying about travelling. 

Once you’re here, Tahko’s diverse activities and experiences are all easy to reach. For those who appreciate time in nature, Tahko will no doubt become a favorite destination year after year.

The nearest large city, Kuopio, is only less than an hour’s drive away, so Kuopio’s vibrant city life, the best shopping, colorful cultural experiences and the city’s attractions are at your fingertips.

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Mäkiautio gorge

Tahko’s latest natural attraction, Mäkiautio Gorge, will open in July 2020. The magnificent natural attraction includes stairs, duckboards, a shed and a stunning scenery.

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Tahko Hiking Trails

The five different length of hiking trails in Tahko are marked on the terrain. Choose the route and length, that suits best your needs and hopes.


Downhill biking in Tahko

Beside traditional mountain biking, Tahko offers excellent conditions for downhill biking as well. Nine different level downhill tracks are well maintained and marked on the terrain.

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Tahko Stairs

Tahko has the longest outdoor stairs in Finland and therefore has become famous landmark. Stairs in Tahko are not only for exercise but they function also as a scenic route to the top of Tahko hill.

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Tahko for Kids

A holiday with children? Tahko for Kids brings together holiday tips from the area for families and others traveling with children.

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Golfers thrive in Kuopio area – for quite understandable reasons. There are several fine golf courses in the area – and lot of great things to see and experience.