Kuopio-Tahko Marketing ltd

Tahko Holiday Resort and the city of Kuopio founded a joint marketing organisation, Kuopio–Tahko Marketing Ltd, in December, 2013. The company vision is to develop and strengthen the existing marketing concept by joint promotion of the unique lakeside city and the multi-functional resort. The organization includes shareholders and representatives of the local enterprises.

Contact information

Ville Puustinen, Chairman of the board
Kuopio-Tahko Marketing Ltd
Tel. +358 44 7197 996

Salla Kotsalainen, Marketing coordinator & web content
Kuopio-Tahko Marketing Ltd


The Kuopio-Tahko region´s official travel website is www.kuopiotahko.fi  and the city of Kuopio´s www.kuopio.fi

Check @kuopiotahko
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