Have a wonderful stay at your hotel

From Kuopio, Tahko and surrounding areas you’ll find a comfortable hotel for every need and situation. There is a suitable option for a group of friends, couples, families, business guests – or even just for yourself.

Do you want luxury, silence, treatments, culture, celebrations, shopping or activities? All that and much more? Different hotel locations, room types and service packages are for you to choose. Many hotels also have nice facilities like saunas, gyms, restaurants and meeting rooms.

In the center of Kuopio, the hotels are close to services, shops, events and activities. Spa hotels, situated outside the center, a few miles away, are perfect for relaxing holiday with families. All hotels have excellent transport links both to and from the city center.

Tahko hotels are also located in the heart of holiday village, within walking distance of services, slopes and other activities. Would you like a room with own sauna or balcony? Or with a view to the slopes or lake Syväri?

In addition to Kuopio and Tahko, there are excellent hotel choices in nearby areas as Iisalmi, Leppävirta and Rautavaara.