Boating services and guest ports

In the heart of the Finnish Lakeland, Kuopio, the Capital of Lakeland,  area has thousands of picturesque lakes and countless waterways, which are a pleasure to experience byt boating. If you come to Kuopio from abroad, you should definitely explore the possibilities of renting a boat. If you are not enthusiastic about boating by yourself, you can take part in the inland cruise.

Kuopio’s passenger port is the liveliest port of Vuoksi waterway and a good base for a boater. It’s connected to the sea via Saimaa canal and further to north via waterway to Tahko and Iisalmi. So you can come to Kuopio by boat basically from anywhere near or far. Very near to Kuopio passenger port, there is many beautiful scenery ways, so you don’t have to go too far to see a lot. Kuopio’s waters has many easy landing spots which are perfect for relaxing, swimming, hiking and for example berry and mushroom picking.  However, many boaters want to go further and there are many great options for longer routes as well. 

The distance between Kuopio passenger port and Tahko tourism center by water is 72 kilometers. The route runs through the Karjalankoski and Juankoski self-service terminals and the Lastukoski channel. It’s one of Finland’s most beautiful routes. Along the boat, the route is well suited for canoe or traditional wooden church boat. Along the route there are sheltered coves where you can have a break or stay over night, as well as guest coves and excursion harbors. Whether you are traveling to either direction,there are numerous services at the destination, delicious restaurants and good accommodation options.

The waterway between Kuopio and Iisalmi also attracts with its beauty. During the route, there are two beautiful channels, Ahkionlahti and Nerkoo, In the port of Iisalmi and Iisalmi city as well, pampers its guests with many nice services, restaurants and lively summer happenings.

If you really want to understand the reason why Kuopio is said to be the Capital of the Lakeland and all that unspeakable beautines that the lakeland has,  you should  definitely go to the water and lake. By boat, canoe, cruise ship or stand up board – and in winter season by skis, snowmobile or ice-skates – or whatever is the most convenient way for you. 


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