Let the lakeland nature move you

In the lakeland nature you can simultaneously cool off. Capital of Lakeland’s magnificent nature full of lakes, forests and marked trails invite hikers to explore its beauty in all seasons. In addition to activities, the nature trails provide lots of memorable experiences, breathtaking landscapes and information in a wide variety of local wildlife. The pure nature offers fantastic destinations where you can go walking, running, hiking, geocaching, snowshoeing, skiing, riding, snowmobiling, mountain biking or collecting herbs, berries and mushrooms. Alongside the activities, there are many nice locations where to stop for a break and even enjoy your snacks at the campfire.

The area has hundreds of kilometers of clearly marked trails. It’s easy to go to nature by yourself, with your travel companions or with a guided tour provided by a local program service company.  In addition to Kuopio and Tahko, the national parks, Etelä-Konnevesi and Tiilikkajärvi, as well as many nature sites and hiking areas nearby offer great experiences for all seasons. The terrain ranges from lakescapes to wilderness, and the height differences typical of the area can be challenged, if you wish.

In Kuopio, most hiking trails and nature trails can be easily accessed either by foot or by local bus. Nearest to center, the Puijo outdoor area, is located just a couple kilometers from Kuopio market square and its trails offer soothing experiences right next to the city’s pulse. The height of the Puijo hill is 232 meters from the sea surface and there are more than 200 hectares of protected forests in the area. Seven kilometers from the market square, the Kolmisoppi-Neulaniemi nature area is a versatile set of challenging high altitude routes and easy terrain trips. Among them is suitable one for every hiker, from baby to grandfather.  Along with lake shores and forest landscapes, there are also small ponds along the route as well as a peaceful campfire site on the shore of Vuorilampi pond. It is also worthwhile to visit Katiskaniemi area in Rauhalahti suitable to even smallest kids and the Pölhönsaari area along the Saaristokatu.

In Tahko tourist center and nearby Pisa nature site, challenging altitudes and steeper trails, far-reaching views and comfortable resting spots, as well as well marked trails attract visitors to nature. In the summer season, part of the trip can be traveled along Tahko’s stairs leading to the top of the slopes, or by a scenic ski lift. Huutavanholma valley near to slopes, is a forest spot  like in a fairy tale with its ferns and streams – and the endless greenery. You should go and find it out.

Nature in Finnish lakeland also offers endless opportunities for day trips, such as the Seinävuori Rotkolaakso in Tuusniemi and Orinoro in Leppävirta, which is classified as one of Savo’s seven miracles. Other interesting destinations include the Volokinpolku in East Sonkajärvi and other Iisalmi hiking trails.

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