Cross-country skiing

Over 1000 kilometres cross-country skiing tracks

Kuopio area has over 400 kilometers cross-country skiing  tracks. When it’s added to the tracks of nearby communes, such as Leppävirta, Siilinjärvi, Lapinlahti and Iisalmi, it will certainly reach over a thousand kilometers. The skiing track  network open in winter season  is well-maintained. The first winter trails in Kuopio and Tahko will open in October-November each year – and ski tunnel in Leppävirta allows even year-round skiing.

As you can see from the map, there are skiing routes everywhere in the Kuopio city area – both on land and on ice. Main routes in Kuopio can be found in Puijon-Puijonsarvi and Jynkänvuori-Petonen area. Some of the routes have lighting that is operational from early morning till night. The lights are usually turned off around nine in the evening. No matter where you are staying, the starting points of the trails are always close. In the  mid-winter, when the tracks on the ice are open, you can start your skiing trip right from the center, from Kuopio passenger port. You can also go to Puijo ski stadium easily by the bus. Tracks in Rauhalahti and Kunnonpaikka area are also close by.

In Tahko, skiing season is usually opened in early autumn, when the first snow track attracts cross-country skiers from near and far. There are 60 kilometers of  skiing tracks in the area, which are opened immediately when weather and snow conditions allow. Tracks run through the forests, over the ridges – and on the ice.  Nearly all of the accommodation places in Tahko are located a short walk from the skiing tracks. Good starting points for those arriving by car are parking areas in Tahkonlaakso, Tahko Spa and Simola.

Of course, a decent skiing trip includes a relaxing break. In Capital of Lakeland, there are dozens of stunning nature sites, campfire spots and leavers, where it’s nice to have some snacks, rest a little and just enjoy the scenery. Most of those places are marked in the maps, but  you can always find your own favorite spot in the midst of nature.

If you are looking for a track map, weather information or any help with planning your skiing trip, the staff at your accommodation will certainly be happy to help you. Check also Kuopio skiing trails and Tahko skiing trails from here.

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