mountain biking

Winter cycling in Tahko and Kuopio

The bikers dream destination

The varied terrain of North Savo is perfect for mountain bikers of all levels in both summer and winter. The most challenging routes provide endurance test to active bikers and easier trips are perfect for enjoying the beautiful scenery in the middle of pure nature. During the break you can enjoy the spectacular scenery from the top of the slopes, by the lake or in the woods by the fire.

Kuopio area and it’s nature  is equally suitable ja challenger offering for both pro bikers and beginners. Region’s program service companies offer different courses and guided trips, where you can learn the techniques and secrets of mountain biking. Yearly held Tahko MTB, which is the largest mountain biking event in Finland, brings around 2000 mountain bikers together every year.

Tahko is definetely a mountain biker’s dream destination, where lovers of the bike sport are pampered with a well-marked and versatile routing. Up to 200 meters in height and versatile challenging routes are also suitable for goal-oriented training. Marked downhill biking tracks on the slopes of Tahko also provide momentum for training. Also worth checking out are the many routes in the areas nature sites as Kuopio Neulaniemi-Kolmisoppi and Puijo, Etelä-Konnevesi  and Tiilikkajärvi national parks.

In the winter, popular eFatbikes with extra boost provided by electric assistance, are excellent way to enjoy the snowy landscape of winter wonderland. Bikes can be rent daily for both self-guided and guided tours, which can be combined, for example, with meals in nature.

If you want to jump of the route, Finnish everyman’s rights make it possible to bike almost everywhere in the nature, although in some national parks and nature sites there may be some restrictions to biking. However, in unknown areas, it is often the most convenient way to bike on marked routes and guided by maps, along with frequent breaks and other useful services.