The best canoe routes and canoe renting

The glamor of Finnish Lakeland is the most captivating in free waters. Canoeing routes in Capital of Lakeland, Kuopio area, offer endless possibilities for excursions either with your a rented canoe or your own one. From Kuopio and Tahko area you’ll get everything you need for successful canoeing trip – including a safe guide to unknown waters and good tips for your own excursions.

The mood of the canoeing can be chosen just as you like – some want to explore the Kuopio city center or Tahko holiday village from the water and the other navigates to perfect silence to admire the wilderness or the sunny night of the Finnish Lakeland in the summer. When you get there, to midst of the lakeland nature, you’ll want anything else. Those sceneries will surely take your breath away and stay deep in your life-long memories.

The islands and islets of the region function as resting places not just for canoeists, but also for boaters and hikers. There are also several marked fireplaces along the canoe routes, which are free to use for everyone. They are perfect places for having a snack. Some of the resting places also have nice beaches for swimming. Areas islands are full of fresh berries and mushrooms especially in the late summer and the autumn. Especially in mushroom picking, you have to be careful and you need to know what you are picking up, because although the forests are full of edible mushrooms, some are poisonous.

Kuopio’s nearby waters have four sheltered canyoning routes, two of which are located near the center of the city offering great experiences for beginners alike. Tahko routes run through the lake Syväri, where hundreds of islands and Tahko skiing slopes form a magnificent landscape.  Other nearby canoeing sites for beginners and experienced canoeists can be found in the national parks of Tiilikkajärvi and Etelä-Konnevesi and in the Iisalmi region. 

The beginner should always go to canoeing trip  in the group or  with a guide – and choose a suitable length of route. An experienced canoeist can go on longer routes and several days of excursions. A more experienced canoeist is also encouraged to test the 110-kilometer cycle from Kuopio through Vehmersalmi and back to Kuopio. The waterway between Kuopio and Tahko is one of the most beautiful in Finland and certainly offers experiences for several days of excursions.

Canoeing program services in Kuopio and Tahko are easily accessible on foot or by a short bus ride from your accommodation and offer a variety of experiences for all skill levels of participants. 

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