From well-slept nights to nights where you forget to sleep at all.

A holiday of contrasts

Kuopio, Tahko, and the surrounding Savo area is a holiday destination unlike any other. In the heart of Finnish Lakeland, it is a magical place where relaxing spas contrast with adrenaline-filled adventure, where colorful city life is complemented by peaceful nature, and where world-class restaurants compete with campfire cookouts. 

Whatever your taste or budget we have the accommodation and activities your heart desires. Take one step closer to the holiday you’ve been waiting for; start browsing below, mark your favorite articles and listings, and they’ll be saved into your very own Pinboard.

Tahko’s summer highlights

Tahko is less than an hour’s drive from the center of Kuopio, nestled amidst hundreds of stunning lakes and mountains that are simply calling out to be explored. 

Tahko’s ski slopes don’t need snow to be enjoyed. In summer, they come alive with hikers, bikers, or those simply wanting to enjoy the views. Other activities in the region include paddling, disc golf, and canoeing

There’s accommodation for everyone in Tahko, with over 8,500 beds to choose from and delicious dining experiences in the center of the city and at the top of the slopes.

Kuopio’s summer must-sees

If you’re vacationing in Kuopio or simply passing through, there are a few must-sees you really should make time for.

Visit the harbor and enjoy an inland cruise, take in the views at the top of Puijo Tower, visit the traditional Jätkänkämppä and smoke sauna in Rauhalahti, experience the Bellanranta adventure center and immerse yourself in the sounds and sights of Kuopio Market Square.

In the Old Kuopio Museum, you can indulge in a historic atmosphere during a shopping trip or explore one of Finland’s largest shopping centers, the Matkus Shopping Center, which includes a unique outdoor park open all summer.

In Kuopio, nature is always close by, with picturesque Kallavesi, picnic parks and sun-drenched beaches all within easy reach. Getting around the city is easy thanks to local buses and electric-assisted Vilkku bikes available for rental.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let the current of Kuopio-Tahko’s lakes and waterways carry you in a wave of happiness as you discover the joys of the region. Start exploring today.