Vanuvuoren luonnonsuojelualue Kuopio

Vanuvuori Nature Reserve

Vanuvuori Nature Reserve


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Vanuvuori Nature Reserve | Nature trails and observation tower

Vanuvuori Hill, located in Hiltulanlahti, Kuopio, is a nature reserve consisting of three peaks: Ukko-Vanu, Akka-Vanu and Pikku-Vanu. Vanuvuori rises more than 200 meters above sea level and the area is home to several nature trails that allow for a circular route of approximately 4-5 kilometers.

The parking area and departure point are located at Koirakaarre 70, 70870 Kuopio. The beginning of the trail passes through an old logging area but when you reach the nature reserve you will be confronted with dense forest and, in some places, very steep ascents and descents.

The nature trails are marked with dotted lines on the National Land Survey map service. You can also use the service to measure the distances.

In spring 2023, a 20-meter-high observation tower has been completed at the top of Ukko-Vanu, offering stunning views in several directions. During the summer of 2023, a 2,7 km nature trail will be routed to the tower. Until the actual nature trail and signposts are completed, the tower can be reached by following a path with red ribbons tied to trees. The steepest part of the nature trail will also be equipped with a 100-meter-long staircase during the summer of 2023. During the summer, a temporary campfire site will also be built along the trail, and in 2024 a shelter is planned to be built along the nature trail.

Please note that fires and mountain biking are not permitted in the nature reserve.

Starting Point

  • Koirakaarre 70, 70870 Kuopio, Finland
    • Limited parking spaces, parking for 30 cars to be completed in summer 2023

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