Tahko Hiking Trails

Different length hiking trails in Tahkovuori.

Tahko Hiking Trails

Sääskiniementie 560

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Tahko hiking trails guiding to the midst of nature

Tahko’s four ring routes of different lengths meander through varying terrains and stunning landscapes. It is also easy to combine summer routes to your liking, in which case you will eventually have to choose one of the more interesting route options. It is worth heading for the trip with good footwear, as the ground provides you with variety of different materials, from dirt roads to rocky paths and from pine forest to wooden stairs and elongated trees.

Tahko’s hiking trails have large elevation differences, as all trails rise to almost 300 meters above sea level at least once. The most magnificent postcard landscape can be found at the top of the slope area, from where the entire tourist area opens with its scenery at a glance. The morning sunrise from the top is something truly memorable in both winter and summer.

All routes are named and marked on the terrain with both guidance signs and color codes. The signs include the route’s name, the direction of the route and the distance to the end of the route. In addition, the signs have a color code for the route that appears on the trees along each route. 

The official departure and return destination of the marked hiking routes is located in the information house on the beach side of the Tahko bridge, at Sääskiniementie 560, 73310 Tahkovuori.  Cars can be parked also in Tahkolaakso parking lot, Tahkolaaksontie 1. 

Huutavanholma route 4,6km

The route: Tahko – Huutavanholma – Restaurant Pehku – Tahko stairs – Tahko.

The route through Huutavanholm to the top of Tahko and further down the stairs of Tahko varies, in terms of terrain and scenery. The renewed beginning of the route includes stairs and boardwalks, but after ascending to Pehku, the path changes to be rocky and filled with rhizomes.

Along the path, e.g. Huutavanholm grove conservation area, observation stone, small campfire place (Note! Own firewood), Tahko observation tower, Pehku and Tahko stairs. The route is connected to the Kettukangas and Tahkomäki routes.

  • Color of the route: green
  • Suitable: for walking
Kettukankaan kierros Nallelaavu

Kettukangas route 5,5 km

The route: Tahko – Huutavanholma – Kettukangas – Skiing trails – Tahko

The route starts on the same path as the Huutavanholm tour, where it diverges at the oncoming intersection ascending towards Kettukangas. At the top, the trail ends at the Maisemalatuun “Landscape Trail”, from where you start to descend back down quite steeply along the bottom of the trail. Down the hill, the route continues along a well-maintained trail towards the center of Tahko. Only the campfire site of Tahkolahti beach crosses the route, but you can also deviate through a park to the lovely Nallelaavu “Teddy Bear Trail.”

Approximately halfway through the route, at the intersection of Maisemalatu, the route joins the Tahkomäki “Tahko Hill” roundabout. At this point, you can also check out the Nipanen hut in the stunning scenery at the park.

  • Colour of the route: yellow
  • Suitable: for walking

Tahko mountain route 14,1 km

The route: Tahko – panorama chairlift starting point – Panorama – Pehku – Huutavanholma – Kettukangas – Nipanen hut –Taukotupa – trail bottom – Tahko.

The route starts along the road at the bottom of the slopes towards the lower station of the Landscape Elevator, continuing from there and rising towards the top. After a couple of kilometers of ascent, the route reaches the top of Tahko, coming right to the corner of Panorama Bar & Café, continuing from there along the ridge of the slopes towards Pehku. Deviate! Mäkiaution rotko “Hill Road Gorge” and Näköalatorni “Tahko Observation Tower.”

From Pehku, the journey continues along the path, descending towards Huutavanholm, from where you continue up towards Kettukangas and a wonderful resting place, Nipanen’s hut. After the hut, the route winds down little by little, passing the Taukotupa “Break House” and finally arriving at the bottom of the trail, returning to the center of Tahko.

  • Colour of the route: red
  • Suitable: for walking and partly for mountain biking as well
Rahasmäen louhoksen laavu

Rahasmäki route 20,1 km

The route: Tahko – panorama chairlift starting point – Hiekkoniemi shed – Tahkomäentie – Rahasmäki shed – Pehkuntie – Nipanen hut – Taukotupa – trail bottom – Tahko

The Rahasmäki tour goes around the whole Tahkomäki “Tahko hill.” There are about 370 meters of ascent on the way and the ground varies between easy dirt roads and rocky paths. Despite the challenge, however, the route rewards the walker in terms of both scenery and resting places. Probably the most popular resting place is the campfire stop on the shore of the clear-water quarry pond of Rahasmäki’s old mine, where you can enjoy your time with your company. As a second stop, we recommend Nipanen’s hut, where you can eat and warm up comfortably even in cold weather.

At the beginning and the rest of the route follows the roundabout of Tahkomäki, but this route does not rise to the top of Tahko but goes around the west side of the slopes, to the scenery of Rahasmäki.

  • Colour of the route: Black
  • Suitable: For walking and mountain biking

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