Sights for a whole holiday

Kuopio invites you to explore nature’s own art and culture as well as the traditional and diverse modern times of the region. Kuopio is famous for its magnificent and unique lake scenery, which can be admired from several places.

One of the most famous scenery points is Puijo Tower, which rises 75 meters above ground level and 306 meters above sea level. In the tower,  there is also an unique restaurant that rotates around the clock for a full 360-degree round.

Alahovi Berry Wine Farm is the first Finnish countryside winery shop where you can get acquainted with berry-wine processing, taste the products of the Farm and even buy a wine bottle as a souvenir. The Alahovi also provides restaurant services, where you can taste the products and enjoy genuine Savonian food. Alahovi Berry Wine Farm is located on the island of Vaajasalo and the most enjoyable way to get there is by boat from the Kuopio harbour.

Kuopio is very proud of its iconic Market Place, famous Market Square and lively harbour where many events are being held. Kuopio City Theatre is an architecturally significant building and the acoustic of Kuopio Music Centre has been praised by many musicians. In Kuopio there are plenty of remarkable museums that are worth to visit. The most famous museums are VB Photographic Centre and RIISA, one of the most notable Orthodox church museums in Europe.

Kuopio is surrounded by beautiful parks and one of the most stunning pond in Finland, Valkeisenlampi, is only few blocks away from the city centre. Traditional Finnish evenings are held weekly in Jätkänkämppä, Rauhalahti. Jätkänkämppä is an authentic lumberjack lodge from the 1950´s. These evenings include traditional Finnish dinner with some local delicasies, live music and a lumberjack´s live demonstration on water. Complete your traditional Finnish evening by bathing in the world´s biggest smoke sauna and swim in a lake Kallavesi. Matkus Shopping Center is also a sight just for being the biggest shopping center in Eastern Finland.