Places to visit

Sights for all senses

Kuopio and surrounding area offer countless sights and attractions throughout the year. Nature’s own attractions change shape in four different seasons – fresh air, untouched woods and sparkling water are present everywhere. Summer’s greenery changes to the color scheme in the fall and the winter snow cover changes the landscape into a fairytale white. Even if you are staying at the heart of the city, the nature is always within a short walk. You can also go and explore nature reserves, national parks and other nature attractions!

The scenery opens up magnificently from the tower on Kuopio Puijo hill, from the top of Tahko slopes  and from the hiking areas – and, of course, from the lake. One of the specialities in Kuopio is the ice skating track, which is freely available for everyone on the ice of the Kallavesi Lake. Tahko’s new stairs to the top of the slopes are also worth a test – they measure about 800 meters!

The city’s culture, food and sport events and festivals attract especially in the summer and the museums of the region offer options for both history and art lovers.  You must also discover the colorful offerings of the local theaters and the music experiences that are served both in concert halls and streets. Especially music and comic performances can be found also in English, and the language issue is not a problem, when you just enjoy the moment and atmosphere.

Visit the animal parks or throw yourself into local traditions in Rauhalahti’s traditional evenings. You  should also go to explore city’s vivid shopping opportunities, in the Kuopio city center, shopping centers – the biggest Matkus – and nearby cities offerings.

Places to visit