Snow mobiling

Just you, snowmobile and the snowy landscape

Whether you are an experienced rider searching for an thrilling experience or it’s your first time learning the basics, the Kuopio and Tahko area have a diverse amount of snowmobile options that will fit your needs. Snowmobile will take you to places you might not be able to walk on. It gives a whole new perspective to the Finnish lakeland’s nature. In the midwinter, you can ride even on the ice of the lakes and to experience other great sceneries as well. 

For beginners looking for a peaceful experience, there are safaris with friendly professional guides. You could enjoy a scenic landscape route that ends with a bonfire and hot tea.  Or if you are more experienced, there are snowmobile rentals, where you and your friends can explore the Finnish countryside in private. For the adventures who are hungry for action, there are snowmobile options such as a fast paced ride ending with target shooting or rappelling off a cliff.