The beauty of shopping

It’s a pleasure to go shopping in the Capital of Lakeland. Vivid area sets up a fantastic base for shopping spree that can cover fashion, home decor, art, delicacies and a little treats. Shopping days offer also entertainment, inspiration and memorable moments with friends and family – or just by yourself.

The Kuopio city is big enough and small enough to be fascinating and comfortable at the same time. Most of the city center’s shopping spots are within the walking distance. There is small stables and bigger shopping centers, for example Sokos – Department Store, in Kuopio. If you are in Kuopio in summer season, you must go to Kuopio market place, also called jokingly as the world’s pole. It’s bulging with people, joyful chatting, flowers, berries, vegetables, local pastries and much more.

The largest shopping center in Eastern Finland, Matkus Shopping Center, about 5 minutes car drive away from Kuopio center to the south, is definitely worth a visit. There are dozens of specialty stores – fashion, sports, cosmetics, childrens clothing and toys, home decor and much more. The center also has several restaurants and cafes as well as a Ikea under the same roof.  Matkus is known for its family friendliness and there is several nice spots for junior activities and whole family’s rest moments.

Parking in Kuopio is simple and the shopping spots can be easily reached by car. The recently renovated underground car park under market square can be easily accessed from high way 5.  Shopping centers situated outside the center, have their own parking places, usually free for charge. Nearby shopping centers are also easy to access  by buss. Tahko and other places nearby Kuopio have also nice shops boutiques to visit.

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