Saunas for rent and fun

In Finland, there are one to two million saunas, many of which are located on the shores. So in the Capital of Lakeland, there are saunas almost everywhere. There are saunas in hotels and restaurants, on the shores, in private and rental cottages, in some hotel rooms and on the top of the ski slopes – and, of course, in the many spas of the area.

In the hotel accommodations morning or evening sauna is usually included in the price of the room and in rental cottages the sauna can be heated in any time  when it´s best suited to you. If you do not have a sauna in your place of accommodation, or if you want to book sauna privately for your party, you’ll certainly find one as there are many saunas for rent in Kuopio, Tahko and nearby areas. 

Sauna in the midst of the most beautiful lakeland nature and cooling down on the terrace after nice steams is the one of those experiences that everyone visiting the Capital of Lakeland in any season should definitely experience. It may be a moment of birdwatching as the sun falls into the shoreline or the frosty and fresh feeling on the skin over the roofs of the city. From the lakeside sauna you just jump to the lake and can go to swim or in the winter season dip yourself on the icy water in the hole in the ice. 

In Kuopio, there  is also huge smoke sauna in Rauhalahti Jätkänkämppä. Other magnificent smoke sauna is situated on the top of the Tahko ski resort’s slopes, at an altitude of about 300 meters above sea level and with a spectacular scenery over the lake Syväri. It’s called Mualiman Sauna, the sauna of the world.