jet skis

Hurry up on the waters

Cruising with the jet ski on a hot summer day is probably the best activity for those who love the speed. At the same time you can admire the beauty of the lake Kallavesi, move from one place to another and even go to day or over-night trips. If you’ve drived a jet ski before and you are familiar with the rules of the boaters as well as the markings of the waterways, you can just rent one and go for a ride. If you are a first-timer or just long for comfort and ease, you should take part in a guided safari where you can go to tour with a guide, who knows the local waters and the best resting places. 

In Kuopio, water jets can be rented from Seikkailukeskus in passenger port, from  where you can get  not only the high quality equipment, but also the local tips for your day trip planning. The jet ski can be rented for 1 to 3 hours or with daily charge and the price includes life jackets, maps and  instructions for device and safety. The jets are registered for two people.

By jet ski, it’s quick and easy to navigate from one place to another. You can also take some snack with you, and stop at the picnic on one of the many islands or the marked resting places  along the way. Many resting places have stunning views, campfire sites, sandy beaches for swimming, toilets and even saunas or other nice facilities. Quite perfect!

Kuopio’s most popular jet ski destinations are Rauhalahti, Pölhönsaari along the Saaristokatu and the islands of Hietasalo and Iivarinsalo. Many jet ski riders are heading their way to Vehmersalmi, and then back to Kuopio via Summa canal and Riistavesi. This track is about 110 kilometers long. The waterway between Kuopio and Tahko is perfect for a day trip with a jet ski, and you can also make trips for several days to south to Rantasalmi, Savonlinna, or even to the Gulf of Finland.