atv safaris

To the wilderness with ATV

The magnificent scenery of Finnish Lakeland can be experienced in many ways. One of the funniest, in summer season,  is to participate in guided ATV safaris which are perfect for family, friends or colleagues. Unbelievable terrain  trails  and high quality guided tours provide a great experience.

ATV safaris are arranged in Tahko where the routes go through the woods and wood-land routes. The terrain of the region is very diverse with hills, valleys and rocks. The routes particularly follow the same routes as snowmobiles use during winter season. Driving the ATV suites for everyone, only limitation is that  it requires the permission to drive a car.

In a quided safari the first step is obviously that you’ll come familiarized with ATV or quad as it’s called too and instructed  how to drive it. Usually beginners follow just next to the guide on the routes, which vary between easy, middle challenging and challenging tracks. For the beginners the suitable length of the safari is maximum one hour. More experienced drivers can drive several hours or even days through the wilderness.

Usually safaris include the gear, the quad bike and guidance along with some snacks, coffee and nice chat company on campfire in the middle of the lakeland nature.