Tahko stairs

The longest outdoor stairs in Finland

Stair running and walking has become one of the most popular ways of exercise in Finland. Tahko has the longest outdoor stairs in Finland and therefore has become famous landmark. Stairs in Tahko are not only for exercise but they function also as a scenic route to the top of Tahko hill.

Tahko stairs were opened in autumn, 2017. The total distance from bottom to top is about 800 meters and there is about 600 meters of wooden stairs on the way. Start points are located just above Restaurant Tirol´s terrace and and next to the main lift upper station on the top.

Stairs are open only on summer season, as they are located in the middle of the ski resort and slope area. Feel free to use them while hiking or training, but notice that as the stairs are made of wood, it is not allowed to use shoes with spikes or walking-sticks.

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