Sustainable Tahko

On the way to a more responsible future

Surrounded by breathtaking lakes, stunning mountains, and precious native flora, fauna and wildlife it is easy to see why protecting the Tahko region is so important. We’re committed to implementing sustainable tourism so that this magical place can be enjoyed forever.

That’s why, in February 2020, Tahko applied for the Sustainable Travel Finland program created by Visit Finland. The Sustainable Travel Finland program provides tourism providers across the country with a seven-step sustainable travel pathway.

It’s an ambitious target, but thanks to our dedicated tourism partners across the region, we are confident we can achieve it by 2024.

Some of the ways Tahko is already embracing its sustainable future:

  • The entire ski slope center operates with Savon Voima’s green electricity, which is produced by renewable wind and hydropower
  • Tahko Golf Courses are part of the GEO OnCourse program, a global sustainability certification program 
  • Break Sokos Hotel Tahko has been awarded the Green Key label, a global accommodation environmental program managed by the International Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)
  • Responsible food experiences are offered in several restaurants in the area, whose kitchens prepare delicacies from local pure ingredients
  • Tahko Farmi, a favorite destination of the whole family, is a member of Green Care Finland and ensures sustainable development, safety and happiness are part of the lives of animals, employees, and visitors every day
  • Social responsibility forms a large part of our commitment and many of our attractions – including spasm adventure parks, bowling alley, shopping centers, and nature experiences – are barrier-free with sufficient width of doors, lift access, and disabled toilets and washrooms

This is just the start and many of our other service providers operate with the principles of responsible tourism in their hearts. We don’t just mean environmental sustainability either, but a commitment to safety, equality, and accessibility. When you visit Tahko, you know that we have your future and the future of the region as our priority.

Tips for a responsible holiday

A responsible holiday starts at home, by doing your best to choose sustainable holiday options and traveling by train or public transport where possible. When you’re here, there’s plenty of other ways to remain responsible too. You can even sign our Responsible Traveler Commitment.

  • Minimize emissions by making use of Tahko’s skibus, other public transport options, and – depending on where you’re staying – the ease of walking and cycling
  • Consume only the energy you need and switch of lights, saunas and electrical appliances when they’re not needed
  • Recycle your waste properly and try to minimize it where possible by buying plastic-free and using reusable coffee cups and water bottles
  • When you’re enjoying Tahko’s spectacular nature, don’t leave any trash behind. Remember to ‘leave only footsteps and take only memories’
  • Choose products and services that follow the principles of ethical and sustainable development