Tahko DiscGolfPark

 9-lane course for beginners in Tahko.

Tahko DiscGolfPark

Keitaankatu 1

Driving instructions

DiscGolfPark in Tahko

Tahko DiscGolfPark is a beginner-friendly 9-lane disc golf course. The course is suitable for groups of 3-5 people and the playing time is about one hour. The course is located in the outdoor activity park in Tahko, east side of Tahko Spa Hotel. The nearest parking lot is located at the hotel which is within a walking distance.

Discs are on sale at Tahko SpaShop, SkiMac Tirol and Kesport in Nilsiä.

How to get there?

  • Parking lot: Tahko Spa Hotel, Keitaankatu 1, 73310 Tahkovuori


  • Par 27
  • 9 lanes
    • length of the course: 610 meters
  • Course classification: C1
    • monthly maintenance

City of Kuopio is responsible for the maintenance of the course.

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