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Pilpantie 177

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Year-round hiking route to Pilppa hut

Pörrönpolku is a 1,7 km long year-round hiking route located in the Neulamäki area. The trail, which passes through Pilpantie parking area and Pilppa hut, is accessible throughout the year, but it is especially popular as a winter hiking and snowshoeing route. The nearest starting point, Pilpantie parking area, is approximately 6 km away from Kuopio city center.

The route winds through a tranquil forest and is well-maintained by hikers. Pörrönpolku is marked with guideposts bearing snowshoe symbols for easy identification.

The Pilppa area is a wonderful outdoor area for the whole family in all seasons. Within Pilppa hut premises, there are two lean-to shelters available for all visitors between 7 am and 10 pm. Additionally, there are toilet facilities in the area.

Managed by Puijon Latu ry, Pilppa’s outdoor café is open on weekends from 10 am to 3 pm, and on other days during favorable skiing conditions. For exact opening hours, you can check Puijon Latu’s Facebook page or call 040 573 8083.


Pilppa parking area (starting point)

  • Pilpantie 177, 70150 Kuopio
  • Note! Pilpantie is a narrow road, but there are several parking areas and pullouts along the way to accommodate oncoming vehicles.

Pilppa hut (lean-tos, outdoor café)

  • Pilpantie 261, 70780 Kuopio
Pörrönpolku, talviretkeilyreitti Kuopiossa

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