Peikkometsä DiscGolfPark

18-lane DiscGolfPark in Saaristokaupunki, Kuopio.

Peikkometsä DiscGolfPark

Rautaniementie 72

Driving instructions

Full-length Disc Golf Course in Saaristokaupunki

Peikkometsä DiscGolfPark is located in Saaristokaupunki, Kuopio. The full-length, 18-lane course is located in Peikkometsä, next to the outdoor sports park, and offers versatile challenges for the disc golfers. The course is also suitable for beginners, but water obstacles should be taken into account.

How to get there?

There is a limited parking space at the end of Rautaniementie, but there are also free street parking nearby. 1st lane is at the end of the Rautaniementie. (Rautaniementie 72, 70840 Kuopio)


  • Par 54
  • 18 lanes
  • Course classification A2
    • self-made signs
    • tee pads
    • monthly maintenance

Deep In The Forest (association) and City of Kuopio are responsible for the maintenance of the course.

Places of interest


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