Mäkiaution rotko talvella

Mäkiautio gorge

Amazing nature attraction at Tahko.

Mäkiautio gorge

One of Tahko’s secret gems is now open for everyone

Mäkiautio gorge stands out from the rest of the surrounding nature due its beautiful geological bed, only 300m north from Panorama Bar & Cáfe. The area has been challenging to reach and almost a hidden destination, until it was reconstructed during the summer 2020.

Into gorge itself has been built 150 meters of stairs and duckboards for visitors to hike to the Pöllölaavu lean-to. Travelers can easily differ onto this route from the main Tahko hill / El Grande circuit. At the lean-to travelers are able to take a break, eat snacks at the campfire and enjoy surrounding scenery.

Keep in mind that the stairway doesn’t have maintenance during the winter season and the lean-to is mainly reachable by snowmobiles or if going by foot, the visitors should consider themselves to be adventurous hikers or snowshoe enthusiasts.

Mäkiautio campfire site

  • At the bottom of the gorge is a campfire site (Pöllölaavu) with an amazing scenery
  • Firewood are in the back of the shed
  • Outdoor toilet
  • The campfire site can be reached by hiking or mountain biking, and during the winter also by snowmobile. When moving around in nature, please remember:
    • Respect the vegetation of the gorge
    • Take the trash with you and leave the places tidy for the next visitors
Mäkiaution laavu Tahkolla

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