Tahko Bike Park

7 track, trainee zone, bike school and a chairlift to the top.

Tahko Bike Park

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Tahko Bike Park

In addition to traditional mountain biking, Tahko also has great conditions for downhill cycling. The Tahkon slopes have seven marked downhill runs of different levels, from easy to challenging, and a trainee zone, where you can also get to know the basics of the sport with the instructor. The elevator takes you to the top four days a week during the summer season and the height difference accumulates by less than a couple of hundred meters. Cyclists from Tahko are also pampered with the restaurant offer on the slopes, where it is easy to visit along with a day of cycling.

SkiMac Tirol rents bikes suitable for downhill cycling in Tahko, so you can easily get a feel for it, even if you don’t have your own bike with you!

The nearest parking areas are located close to the lower and upper stations of the lift, so you can get your equipment and other supplies close by. At the top station of the chair lift there is the panoramic restaurant Panorama Bar & Café and on the other side of the slope area is a bar called Pehkubaari, which is a kilometer from the top of the lift along a good sand road on the ridge.


  • 29.6.-12.8.2022
    • Wednesday 10am–4pm
    • Thursday 12pm–6pm
    • Friday 12pm–6pm
    • Saturday 10am–4pm
  • 26.-27.8. & 9.-10.9. & 23.-24.9.2022
    • Friday 12pm – 6pm
    • Saturday 10am – 4pm
  • 15.-22.10.2022
    • Sat – Sat 10am – 4pm

Tahko Bike Park / Tahko Mountain

  • tel. +358 29 170 7030
  • info(at)tahkomountain.fi
  • Black = difficult
  • Red = intermediate
  • Blue and green = east
  1. Trainee Zone
  2. Anettes Antiflow │ Vertical 181m, distance 1,4km
  3. Oldskool │ Vertical 181m, distance 1,5km
  4. Panama │ Vertical 156m, distance 1,3km
  5. Easy Rider │ Vertical 156m, distance 1,4km
  6. Blackwoods │ Vertical 51m, distance 0,5km
  7. Brown pow │ Vertical 51m, distance 0,5km
  8. Legendaarinen │ Vertical 181m, distance 1,4km



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Slope Restaurant Pehku


Panorama Bar & Cafe


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