Technopolis Kuopio Microkatu

Technopolis Kuopio Microkatu


Kuopio offers elegant multi-use meeting spaces at two business parks, Microkatu and Viestikatu. Our conference spaces and meeting rooms offer a great setting for meetings, videoconferences, seminars, trainings, and parties. The meeting spaces can be flexibly modified whether you want to arrange a formal seminar, a cosy sauna evening, or a cocktail party for a large number of people. Our campus restaurants deliver all catering services from tasty breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon coffees to fancy dinners for night and weekend events.


AddressMicrokatu 1, 70210 Kuopio
Phone046 7120000


7th Heaven2-20 participants21-50 participantsView
Auditorio Microkatu201-500 participantsView
Aula Microkatu A201-500 participantsView
Aula Microkatu M51-100 participantsView
Desi2-20 participantsView
Giga51-100 participantsView
Maili2-20 participantsView
Mega21-50 participantsView
Milli2-20 participantsView
Piko51-100 participantsView
Sentti2-20 participantsView
Sky2-20 participantsView
Tuuma21-50 participantsView
Vaaksa2-20 participantsView
Video Kuopio2-20 participantsView

Microkatu 1, 70210 Kuopio