Liinamaa Services


Liinamaa Services cater to restaurant and program services, sauna evenings and corporate events with professionalism, and always with friendly service. We will also be happy to arrange accommodation services. Riihi and Helmilä offer a warm welcome for small-scale meetings. Two big restaurants, Wanha Club and Pehkubaari, two in the center of Tahko and the other at the top of Tahko, are comfortably hosted by larger groups.


AddressPehkuntie 457, 73310 Tahkovuori
Phone+358 440 481 488


Helmilä2-20 participantsView
Mualiman Sauna2-20 participantsView
Pehkubaari21-50 participants51-100 participantsView
Riihi2-20 participants21-50 participantsView
Wanha Klubi21-50 participants51-100 participantsView

Pehkuntie 457, 73310 Tahkovuori