Kuopio Music Center

Kuopio Music Center


The versatile spaces of the Kuopio Music Center will adapt to the nature of the event and to the wishes of the customers - whether it is a smaller seminar or an extensive international conference with exhibitions. 

Kuopio Music Center has a 1000-seat Concert Hall and for example, a 132-seat Auditorium and also a 40-person Light Cabinet. With modern state-of-the-art conference technology, information and facilities are finalized to work and fit to the nature of the event. 

Kuopio Music Center's catering services are handled by Kanresta Oy, whose professional restaurant staff manages the meeting services on a tight schedule evenly and flexibly. The success of the events is guaranteed by the skilled staff of the Kuopio Music Center.


AddressKuopionlahdenkatu 23, 70100 Kuopio
PhoneMyyntineuvottelijat / tilavaraukset 044 7182 371, 044 7182 378


Konserttisali201-500 participantsover 500 participantsView
Kamarimusiikkisali51-100 participants101-200 participantsView
Jazzklubi21-50 participants51-100 participants101-200 participantsView
Valohalli51-100 participants101-200 participants201-500 participantsover 500 participantsView
Auditorio21-50 participants51-100 participantsView
Jousisto21-50 participants51-100 participantsView
Valokabinetti21-50 participantsView
Piippuhylly2-20 participantsView
Konserttilämpiö51-100 participants101-200 participants201-500 participantsView

Kuopionlahdenkatu 23, 70100 Kuopio