Enjoy the best flavours of Finnish Lakeland! Kuopio can offer you galadinners, easy going coctail parties by lake Kallavesi, conference lunches and beverages with local twist and lovely restaurant experiences. You have a wide range of flavours to choose from – Savo region offers traditional food but also the new food trends from around the world. If you prefer local and organic food or would like to taste some Finnish wild herbs, we are happy to serve it for you.

Kuopio is a rising city of restaurants and food culture in Finland. Did you know that in Kuopio area we have largest number of restaurant for each citizen in Finland? You can also enjoy street food festivals and Kuopio Wine Festival which are great places to enjoy both food and local athmosphere.

Thanks to the strength of its gastronomic culture and its regional actors, the Kuopio region has received the European Region of Gastronomy recognition for the year 2020.

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