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You can find all different kinds of accommodations from the area of North Savo; high quality hotel near the services of the center of Kuopio, lodging near the activities in Tahko or accommodation close to nature. There are 1600 hotel rooms and 4000 beds in Kuopio, so there will be something for everybody, from quality hotels to cosy cottages! Your stay will be crowned with comfortable rooms and welcoming service.

As for in Tahko, there are even over 8500 beds. If you enjoy downhill skiing, you may want to stay near the ski slopes. Golfer may like to have the accommodation next to the golf course or if you would like to check out the nightlife in Tahko there are also accommodations near nightclubs and restaurants. The one who appreciates peace and quiet will find it for example from the intimate chalet either near the services or further in the middle of silence.

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