Hotel, cottage or an apartment?

Tahko is a compact event village surrounded by lakes, where most of the facilities and accommodations are within walking distance of the IRONMAN’s event area. We have over 8500 beds in about 1000 accommodations and within the downtown area, you do not need a car to get around. In addition to traditional hotel accommodations, we have a great variety of places available. From small 2-person rooms to large cabins with more than 10 beds. Many of the accommodations offered here in Tahko feature fully equipped kitchens, saunas and more. 

You also have the opportunity to stay in one of the many beautiful cottages, either right in the center of town and at the heart of the event or a bit farther away in a more private setting such as the traditional Finnish lakeside cabins. Our luxury villas are perfect for  large families, groups of friends or entire teams to stay comfortably all in one place. Here is an idea! Why not combine a holiday week with a world class event like IRONMAN in a very fine place like Tahko? 

Training days in Tahko

We invite all athletes to train here during the summer prior to the triathlon race week. Booking reservations are available through all IRONMAN Host City Fee partners – You can find all accommodation offers below.

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