Category: Kuopio

Under the stars

Some things appear even brighter after the lights go out. The dark nights of late summer may still be warm and add a whole new dimension to what is already a breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape.

Taste, Smell and Feel the Lake

The inner archipelago is a distinctive feature of North Savo that appeals to both locals and tourists. As a sign of its uniqueness, the area bears the title of National Urban Park, granted by the Ministry of the Environment in 2017.

Summer in the Capital of Lakeland

In the summer, Kuopio-Tahko comes alive with delicious food, sports and outdoor activities, and vibrant city culture. From gentle waves to immersive storms, you can choose the waves you wish to surf.

A summer roadtrip to Rauhalahti

Although the beautiful natural surroundings are perfect for relaxing, there’s more to Rauhalahti than meets the eye. Morning, afternoon or evening, Rauhalahti is a place where it is impossible to be bored.

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