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  Brooke Nolan • 15.04.2022

The perfect cottage holiday in Kuopio

No one understands the importance of the summer cottage more than the Finns. In fact, more than 2.4million Finns head to a holiday cottage every year. Often in the family for generations, our cottages are more than just a place to holiday. They are home to magical memories and endless dreams.

With more than 10,800 cottages, Kuopio is the most cottage-rich municipality in Finland and is known across the nation as a place to escape the duties of everyday life. Although many of the cottages in Kuopio are still owned by the families who have loved them for generations, there are many more that are available to hire.

A chance to relax in nature, to enjoy fishing, darts, reading, sauna, and food and wine with friends and family. To stay in a cottage in Kuopio is a chance to live a truly Finnish experience. 

Be immersed in nature

Those who spent their childhood summers at the cottage are often united by the memory of nature. The cottage in the middle of the forest, by the lake, or nestled in the valley offer opportunities that the city simply can’t.

Did you know?

More than 2.4million Finns head to a holiday cottage every year.

Feel the memories

Throughout their lifetime, cottages change. First they are filled with the laughter of young children, then when the children grow up, they offer parents respite and relaxation. Until finally, the teenage children are ready to re-live the simplicity of their childhood holidays, and the family returns, to rediscover the memories they built there. Generation after generation the cycle continues, with years of joy and laughter becoming part of the very fabric of the cottage itself.

The freedom of renting

There are many advantages of renting rather than owning a cottage; the cost is, of course, significantly cheaper, you can choose a location fit to your needs, and you can still enjoy a traditional Finnish cottage whilst remaining carefree. There are plenty of rental cottages available in Kuopio and no matter your taste, everyone who dreams of cottage life is sure to find their holiday paradise here.

Kuopio is the perfect location

In Kuopio, most rental cottages can be found in the Tahko area, where you can spend your time immersed in nature and enjoy the authentic Lake Finnish holiday atmosphere. 

Tahko is a suitable holiday destination for the whole family. Even teenagers will enjoy it with never-ending activities including mountain biking, horse riding, kayaking, frisbee golf, bowling and more.

Choose your cottage

Tahko’s largest villas accommodate 20 guests at a time, while a smaller group can enjoy a more traditional cottage atmosphere with a beach cottage or a wilderness cabin. Cottages are available with all levels of services.

The cottages for rent are also well suited for parties or corporate meetings. You can make your holiday even easier with additional services such as shopping, massages and beauty, and personal chefs. 

Whatever cottage you choose we know one thing for certain – the memories you make there will stay with you forever.


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