Moomin Ice Cave 2020

The Magical Moomin Ice Cave opens in December

The magical Moomin ice sculpture exhibit opens in Vesileppis´ December 26th 2019. Last year the Moomin ice cave had over 35 000 visitors. The world’s only ice sculpture cave is a real winter wonderland, 30 meters above the ground.

This year the exhibit will be planned together with Gutsy Animations. Gutsy Animations were recently nominated for ”Best Animated Kids Programme” at the fifth annual Content Innovation Awards in Cannes. The sculptures are carved by the international team of Jäälinna ry.

“Gutsy Animations´ approves all of our plans regarding the exhibit, and they give us great ideas for the content. Gutsy Animation also helps us with creating the right atmosphere for the exhibit, like soundscape for example”, says Jari Partanen, CEO of Fantasia Works. Fantasia Works is responsible of the design.

“This year the exhibit will be even more impressive and there will also be much more activities”, says Esa Salmiheimo, CEO of Leppäkerttu Oy, the constructor of the exhibit.

Moomin ice cave is based on Tove Jansson´s novel, Moominland Midwinter

Beside the ice sculpture exhibit, there will be many fun wintry activities, like snow sliding, sleds, ice carving lessons and husky rides. Take also time to visit the Vesileppis´ spa or book an accommodation and stay the night. Moomin ice sculpture exhibit is open until the end of June 2020.

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