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Families, friends and support teams visiting during the IRONMAN triathlon race can rest assured that great local food, drinks and entertainment will be provided by the restaurants located at the core of the event. The full race will be broadcasted live on several screens throughout the event area. Yet some of the favourite parts of the race like swimming and running, can be followed from the terraces overlooking the lake and hills, while enjoying a warm summer atmosphere.

We have over 20 unique restaurants here in Tahko. By unique we mean that almost all are family owned and well known for preparing their dishes with love and quality raw ingredients. At any of these charming places you can see, feel and taste the local flavour.

The breakfast at Break Sokos Hotel is a local favorite and it is open to everyone, guests and non-guests. Breakfast options in the area are plentiful and can be catered fresh to your suite, cottage or apartment by the restaurants that offer the service. Lunch in Tahko is available at almost every restaurant and it is usually buffet-style. À la carte is available in almost all restaurants until the evening, but there are also grocery stores, fast food places, pizzerias and fondue restaurants.

Pehku and Panorama bars, located at the top of the Tahko hill side, serve as restaurants during the summer months, both are accessible by car, sightseeing lift chairs, Tahko’s outdoor staircase and hiking routes. A day trip to the summit through beautiful landscapes plus a delicious lunch, equals a one-of-a-kind experience. Welcome to our town.


Everyday basics and grocery shopping can be done within the Tahko area in two places: Sale shop and K-Market. For those who need a more sizable shopping or withdrawals from an ATM, we recommend to stop by Nilsiä our neighboring town (only 10 km from Tahko), before their arrival at their accommodations. We also have a small pharmacy kiosk located at the Break Sokos Hotel Tahko (prescription drugs available only at the pharmacy in Nilsiä). And when it comes to high-quality designer fashion, from casual to sport, the SkiMac store in Tirol has everything you need to wear the season’s best.

Always remember that while being in Tahko you also have the opportunity to visit Kuopio. Our city has lots of activities and entertainment going on during the summer months, make sure you check our website “Things to do” and perhaps plan a day visit to the city. Some of the favorite activities include: shopping centers, lake cruises, Puijo tower sightseeing, market hall, sauna & spa (Saana), etc.


Restaurants in Tahko

Restaurant Piazza & Mosquito
Food, drinks, terraces, nightlife, VIP and more
Next to the swim start and finish line

Break Sokos Hotel Tahko´s restaurants
Café, bar, breakfast, fast food, pizzas, lunch, á la carte
Next to the finish line, open 24/7.

Tahko Spa Hotel´s restaurants
Café, bar, pizzas, burgers, á la carte
About 300 meters from the finish line

Restaurant Golden Resort
Café, bar, breakfast, lunch, á la carte
In the heart of Golden Resort area, 5km from the center.

Restaurant Wanha Klubi
Café, bar, breakfast, lunch, á la carte
Along the run course, 700 meters from the finish line

Restaurant Rehti & Pizzeria Onni
À la carte, pizzas, drinks, summer terrace and more.
About 500 meters from the finish line

Restaurant Kunkku
Café, bar, burgers, á la carte
Next to the transition area and next to swim course finish line.

Shops in Tahko

Sale Таhko
Sääskiniementie 560, 73310 Tahkovuori
Grocery shop in the hotel Break Sokos Hotel

Tähtitie 1, 73310 Tahkovuori
Grocery shop near the gas station and Tahko Spa

Pharmacy kiosk
Sääskiniementie 560, 73310 Tahkovuori
Inside the hotel Break Sokos Hotel

Alko pick-up point
Keitaankatu 1, 73310 Tahkovuori
Order alcoholic beverages from online shop  and  pick up here.

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