Tahko´s new observation tower will be open 12th of October

Tahko’s new observation tower will open soon

Tahko’s newest year-round open attraction will open on Saturday 12th of October. The observation tower is located on the top of the slopes. The observation tower is 13 meters high and will serve the skiers as a start platform for Special- slope. The tower was constructed by Tahkon kyläyhdistys ry, Huippupaikat Oy and City of Kuopio. The complete budget was around 80 000 euros.

The observation tower is located on top of the Special-slope and next to Pehkubar. Tower is reachable by car or if you feel like hiking, take the marked route Huutavanholma or tour of Tahkomäki to the top of the slopes. The top of the tower rises almost 200 meters above lake Syväri and offers great views.

The distance to the tower is 1,5km from the start of Tahko stairs and 1km from the top station of the panorama chairlift. During the skiing season one of the ski-lifts brings skiers right next to the tower. Tahko has a versatile routes for outdoor activities therefore it is easy to visit the tower by snowmobile, bike, snowshoes or by foot.

Tahko observation tower is located right next to Pehkubar.
Tahko observation tower is located right next to Pehkubar.

The opening ceremony is open for everyone

The opening ceremony will be held from 12pm to 2pm and is open for everyone. Beside the official ceremony and breathtaking views, there is lot of activities for the whole family. Hundreds of visitors are expected and due the limited parking space we recommend to arrive by foot or taking the panorama chairlift to the top. Lift operates from 10am to 4pm Friday and Saturday. The price is 7€/adults, 5€/kids and 20€/with bicycle. After the activities and day spent outdoors, there is two excellent restaurants on top of Tahko slopes to visit and enjoy great food in a beautiful scenery.


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