Mountain Biking Tracks in Kuopio

Mountain Biking in Puijo

The best mountain biking tracks in Kuopio are in the Puijo area. Puijo is known from its many sport and recreation possibilities. From Puijo you can find many marked tracks for both pro bikers and beginners. Beside year-round mountain biking – marked tracks are also suitable for hiking and running. Puijo area is only 2,5 kilometers away from Kuopio market square.

Over 10 kilometers of mountain biking routes goes through the beautiful Puijo ridge. The best starting points for biking are Puijo Baseball Arena, Puijo Tower and Puijonsarvi in Julkula. In the middle of the stunning Puijo forest is Puijonnokka, which has a fireplace with a lots of firewood and a lean-on where you can take a break from hiking.


Starting points: 

  • Puijo Baseball Arena, Puijonlaaksontie, 70340 Kuopio ( lots of parking space)
  • Puijo Tower, Puijontie 135, 70300 Kuopio (  lots of parking space)
  • Puijonsarvi, Puijonsarventie 63, 70620 Kuopio ( limited amount of parking space )

You can rent bikes from Tahko Safari or Kuopion Seikkailukeskus.

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