Puijo torni café

Renewed Puijo Torni Café was opened for public today

The new era of Puijo restaurants started today 2nd of August, when completely renewed Puijo Torni Café opened for public. Restaurants of Puijo are operated by Ravintolamestarit, which are known from popular restaurants for example restaurant Isä Camillo and Musta Lammas.

The inspiration for this ”ecologic forest livingroom” came from the breathtaking views, surrounding forests and the history of Puijo Tower.

We are talking about an unique concept, which cherishes all of the senses. Puijo Tower, which was opened 1963, exhales history and is also a remarkable tourist attraction. This fascinating old building makes us go back to the days when sandwiches were wrapped in butter paper and milk was drinken straight from the bottle. We wanted to create something new and cosy for locals so we created this ’’forest livingroom’’. The concept was built with strong cooperation. Our vision about this unique visit to above trees came true with professional team from Ravintolamestarit and Puijo Peak.’’ tells Eeva Mertanen, the CEO of Ravintolamestarit.

Puijo Tower observation deck and the Café is open Monday to Saturday 10 am to 8 pm and 10 am to 4 pm on Sundays. Puijo Tower restaurant will be opened on Tuesday 27th of August and Puijo Maja lunch restaurant in fall of 2019.

How to get there

You can get to the Puijo Tower by bike, car or on foot. The distance from the city centre is approx. 3km. Kuopio local bus (number 10) still operates between Kuopio city centre and Puijo tower five times a day from Monday to Friday until 9th of August.  Bus leaves from city centre stop Haapaniemenkatu E (in front of Intersport). Check out the schedule from Kuopio region Public Transportations website.