Moomin ice sculpture exhibit closed – will be opened again in December

The first Moomin ice sculpture exhibit in Leppävirta, Hotel Vesileppis, has been closed for this season. Moomin ice sculpture exhibit had more visitors than was expected. By the end of June 2019, exhibit had over 35 000 visitors. The aim was to have 15 000 visitors.

Skiing season is getting closer and preparations for the arena needs to start soon. “Possibly next year we will keep exhibit open for longer”, says Esa Salmiheimo, CEO of Leppäkerttu Oy.

Planning for next exhibit has already started

The planning for next years exhibit has already started and the opening day will be 29th of december 2019.  “The inspiration for the new exhibit will come from wintry stories of Moomintroll and also interactivity will somehow play a role in exhibit. Exhibit will be planned together with Fantasia Works and the final approval will come from Gutsy Animations and Moomin Characters.”, Says Kimmo Rossi, CEO of Hotel Vesileppis. Hotel Vesileppis and Moomin Characters Oy has signed a contract for Moomin Ice Sculpture exhibits in Leppävirta for the next seven years.