Seppo Ylä-Herttuala is the Kuopio Ambassador 2019

Academy Professor, Seppo Ylä-Herttuala is the second Kuopio Congress Ambassador. Nomination event was held on Thursday 31.1. in Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi.

Congress Ambassador actively invites both domestic and international congresses to Kuopio, promoting the growth of congress tourism in the region. Ambassador also represents the scientific expertise of Kuopio around the world. The selection of Congress Ambassador was made by other professors by voting.  Ylä-Herttuala is one the most internationally respected researcher from Kuopio. He has made a significant career in genetherapy and published several publications. Ylä-Herttuala also plays active role in many international associations.

”Professor Ylä-Herttuala has had a huge impact on building the reseach environment in Kuopio so that Kuopio research is now recognized among the top in the world.” says Antti Hedman, Head of Department, Kuopio University Hospital.

”Professor Ylä-Herttuala has been the main organizer of big international congresses in Kuopio and Finland. He is one of the most succesfull researcher in Finland and therefore a right person for Kuopio Congress Ambassador 2019.” says Tuomo Meriläinen, Director of Administration, University of Eastern Finland.


Expertise from Kuopio

The main reason of the event is to recognize and appreciate the work of organising a conference. Kuopio Ambassador also encourages other scientists and research community to participate in international activities.

”In Kuopio and Finland would not be organised any international conferences without researchers and their knowledge and networks. Kuopio offers beautiful nature, security and accessibility but without top quality know-how we won´t be able to grow the congress tourism in the area.”, says Kirsi Vartiainen, marketing manager at Kuopio Convention Bureau.

Kuopio Ambassador -event is organised every year in different place and it is celebrated with good food and entertainment. This years event offered brass band show and performance from internationally known circus artist Salima Peippo.  As a prize, Ylä-Herttuala received a giftcard for jewellery designer Jenni Rutonen. Ylä-Herttuala gets to design an unique jewellery for himself together with the artist.