A pump track comes to Tahko

A new pump track will be completed in time for the autumn holiday

The Tahko Village Association (Tahkonkyläyhdistys ry) has received funding to build a pump track and construction is underway. The aim is to complete the track for the coming autumn holidays.

The track’s construction costs 75,000 euros

Construction of the Tahko pump track has already begun under the leadership of Tahko Village Association. It is estimated that the construction will last about a month, so that visitors during the autumn holiday can enjoy the exciting new activity. The track will be located at Tahko Sports and Activity Park, which was completed in 2014.

The cost estimate for the track is 75,000€. It has been a combined effort and funding has come from several sources:

  • Kalakukko Leader 60%
  • City of Kuopio 15%
  • Tahko Village Association 9%
  • TAHKOcom 4%
  • PNT Active Oy 4%
  • PeeÄssä 4%
  • Tahkonrinteet Oy 4%

The pump track name comes from the idea that you don’t have to pedal a bicycle in a pumping motion along the track. In addition to bikes, you can use scooters, skateboards and rollerblades. Using the track is free.

“Using the Tahko pump track is free, so you only have to bring your choice of wheels and a helmet to use on the track. You don’t need anything special – an ordinary bike works just fine. It is also possible to arrange different organised activities in the area, “ says Kari Heiskanen, Chairman of Tahko Village Association.

The pump track continues along the Tahko Action Plan

In 2016, the Tahko Action Plan was designed to reflect the development of Tahko’s operations, with the aim of identifying new interesting activities to develop for seasons without snow. One of the biggest activities was based on cycling in different forms Tahko wants to become the leading bike park in Finland in the long term. Towards this goal, the pump track is a great step.

An important development area in Tahko over the last few years has also been services for families with children, especially those that include the youngest members. As a starting point for this development, Tahko’s local recreation area was built and now is perfected by the pump track’s addition. The local recreation center adds to the region’s options for fun activities, but also increases the mobility of children and young people on their own.

“Tahko’s strategy is to add year-round activities suitable for the whole family. Pump tracks are particularly popular with children and young people, which is reflected in the whole family’s enjoyment and increase in participating in physical activities,” Kari Heiskanen describes the larger value of the pump track.