THE SLOPES will close 21.4.2018

The skiing season ends today

Tahko and Kasurila slopes closed for summer season

The skiing season in Tahko and Kasurila ski resorts ends today, though in Tahko, a couple of slopes will be opened for one day at first of May.

The slopes of the Tahko ski resort will be closed today, Saturday 21.4.2018 at 17 and in Kasurila the slopes will be closed at 15. This skiing season was opened in Kasurila on November 25th and in Tahko on December 15th.

Towards the summer
After the first of May, Tahko slopes are preparing for the summer season. 
In the summer, active days on the slopes are served by Tahko’s new stairs down from the valley to the top of the hill, downhill tracks and hiking trails. The scenery lift is open four days a week and offers stunning views to Tahko’s lakeland nature and holiday village. 

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