Tahko hiking trails

Tahko hiking trails guiding to the midst of nature

Tahko hiking trails were maintained and marked in the fall 2016. Five different length routes were marked on the terrain. Four of the routes are circular, and one is a connecting track that passes through the Huutavanholma nature reserve. 

All routes are named and marked on the terrain with both guidance signs and color codes. The signs include the route’s name, the direction of the route and the distance to the end of the route. In addition, the signs have a color code for the route that appears on the trees along each route. 

Ask your own, free map from any reception, rental shop or from most of the restaurants as well.

The official departure and return destination of the marked hiking routes is the red wooden shelter  in the corner of Tahkolahti’s large car area. These trails are marked also on a printed map, which is available from most of the companies in Tahko area. However, you can easily go to these routes without a map, because the signs are clear and they are well visible. Just choose the route and length, that best suits your needs and hopes. 

1. Tahkolahti round 1.5km (blue)

Easy. No ups and downs. Follows the road and bridges.
Route: Departure from Tahkolahti parking area, from where the bay turn over along the Sandels bridge and return to Tahkolahti. Campfire place at Tahkolahti beach

Easy round with the lake view. Suitable for people of all ages.

2. Rahasmäki route 20.1 km (black)

Demanding. Lots of ups and downs.
Route: Starting from Tahkolahti parking area and heading to the starting point of the Panorama ski lift, next 
Hiekkoniemi, Rahasmäki, Välimäki, Nipanen, Taukotupa, Peipposharju, Korpipelto, Tahkolahti

Campfire places along the way:

  • Children’s slope, about 500m from the starting point
  • Hiekkoniemi, about 3.5 km from the starting point
  • Rahasmäki, about 7 km from the starting point
  • Nipanen, about 13 km from the starting point
  • Taukotupa, about 14 km from the starting point
Rahasmäki lean to has few fireplaces and places to sit. Place is located on the side of bright water, abandoned quarry.

3. Tahko mountain round  14.4 km (red)

Relatively demanding. Long uphill to the top of the Tahko and back down to the valley.
Route: Tahkolahti parking area, Panorama ski lift starting point, along the snowmobile trail up to the Panorama Bar and Pehku bar.
Cyclists: From Pehku bar to Pehkuntie, from where  to the Nipanen
Horsemen: From Pehku bar, to Huutavanholma path and Nipanen
The end of the trip follows the same route base:
Nipanen, Pepposharju, Korpipelto and back to the Tahkonlahti parking area.

Campfire places along the way:

  • Western slopes (3 spots on the slopes Lännen Nopein, Hevonkorpi and Lumilaakso),
    about 2.5 km from the starting point
  • Nipanen, about 7.5 km from the starting point
  • Taukotupa, about 8.5 km from the starting point
View from the top of Tahko.


4.  Kettukagas route 4.1 km (yellow)

Rather easy. Some ups and downs. Runs on the paths and outdoor tracks.
Route: Tahkolahti parking area, Huutavanholma, Kettukangas, Tahkolahti

Route guidance.


5. Huutavanholma nature reserve trail 1.8 km (green)

Rather easy. Goes partly on a rocky path, so especially in rainy weather it’s good to be prepared for a slippery ground.  

There is plenty of natural wonders in Huutavanholma route.


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