Kuopio market place´s fishing season starts June 27th

As we all know, there are many surprising things to experience in Kuopio and one of them is a fishing hole in Kuopio Market square. In this famous and interesting fishing place you can literally hop into a rowing boat in the middle of city and start fishing. The place is located next to the large summer terrace and restaurant Mualiman Napa on the side of street Puijonkatu.

Opening hours and prices

The Matalikko -fishing hole is open from June 27th, 2017: Mon – Sat between 11AM to 4PM.

  • Fishing costs 5 EUR per person
  • A fish ( salmon ) + 15 EUR
    • The staff will gut the fish for you with no extra charge.
  • Warm smoking +3 EUR

If you want, you can also enjoy your cooked fish in the restaurant terrace with Finnish summer potatoes. Ask more on place.

Photos and videos on Mualiman Napa Facebook -page