Four hidden treasures in Kuopio

Besides the most obvious places to visit, there are plenty of slightly hidden and surprising treasures, which can also be called for remarkable cultural experiences and -destinations.

Kalakukko is made from fish baked inside a loaf of bread.

Hanna Partanen Kalakukkobakery

One of the most known things from Kuopio is Kalakukko. And not any Kalakukko, but Partanen´s ( Finnish lastname ) kalakukko. It is a part of Savonian general education to know how to eat it, so if you truly want to get into inner life of locals, buy one. For example, Hanna Partanen Kalakukkobakery is located only few hundred meters from Kuopio market square ( address: Kasarmikatu 15 ). The bakery has operated on the same place since 1930 and is the oldest Kalakukko bakery in Finland. This is traditional.

The bakery is open Mon-Fri from 6AM to 8:30PM and 6AM to 2PM on Saturdays. If you wish to have freshly baked, warm Kalakukko  ( made from European perch or vendace ) straight from the oven, the best time for that is on workdays ( Mon – Fri ) from 7:30PM to 8:30PM. If you are in a hurry, there is also a sales trolley on Kuopio market place open on daytime.


Pussauskoppi Kuopion Matkustajasatamassa.
Kissing place.


Kuopio passenger harbour is a place, where you can feel the winds of Kallavesi, enjoy Savonian lifestyle – and kiss. Yes, that is correct. There is a place just for kissing and it is absolutely necessary to visit there and post a picture to all the possible social media channels. Address Kauppakatu 1, in front of M/S Ukko or M/S Queen R – local ships. Easy to enter to a nice cruise after kissing, read more from Kuopio Roll Cruises.


Lumberjack’s live demonstration.

Lumberjack´s lodge

Lumberjack´s lodge ( Jätkänkämppä ) is located in Spa Hotel Rauhalahti´s area, on the edge of the Kuopio town center. It represents truly traditional Finnish and local culture and offers an memorable experience for people of all ages. Lumberjack´s lodge and its smoke sauna ( the biggest smoke sauna in the world ) are open on Tuesdays, and on summer season also on Thursdays starting at 4PM. The program includes swimming in a lake Kallavesi ( of course ) and delicious, traditional dinner with Kuopio specialities and live accordeon music.  Reachable also by local bus and by boat from Kuopio harbour, read more from Spa Hotel Rauhalahti´s website.


Small alley with a big heart.

The market alley of Pikku Pietari

This little market alley is so middle of the city, that it can be unintentionally missed. Though it should not be ignored, because it is one of a kind milieu full of artisans boutiques that sell hand-made items and gifts. You´ll also find a charming café that serves lunch and delicate´s, as well as art. In summer season the market alley is open Mon-Fri from 10AM to 5PM and from 10AM to 3PM on Saturdays. Address: Hatsalankatu 24, check from the map >>


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